Meet John Lincks,

Certified Piano Technician

John Lincks is a Certified Piano Technician through the Piano Technician Academy He uses a highly advanced digital computer tuning devise to assure the utmost quality of piano tuning.  John tunes and repairs pianos in homes, schools, and churches in the Tulsa area.


 John Lincks has led and developed church music groups and music programs for over 40 years. In his career he has served as the 2004-2005 President of The Oklahoma Singing Churchmen, a 300 voice men's choir. In 2011, he conducted a choral group for the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. In 2003, he was the first conductor to present a digital Living Christmas Tree in the Mid-West which also featured a 143 voice choir and a 42 piece orchestra under his direction.


John graduated from the Oklahoma Baptist University with a Church Music Degree with a minor in piano. He is currently the Minister of Music at the First Baptist Church of Collinsville, Oklahoma, on the leadership board of presidents for the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, and the Choral Director of the Celebration Singers' Choir with the Tulsa Praise Orchestra. He also has served as Minister of Music at Arrow Heights Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, Sequoyah Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, and Riverview Baptist Church in Bixby. 


Digi-Tune maintains and repairs pianos, specializing in piano tuning using new iPad software. This software is unique because it digitally provides two distinct and exact visual displays of the sounding note's pitch in relation to where it should be. The software is programed for proprietary piano brands and models for proper "temperament." John still uses the traditional acquired ear skills for tuning, but adds this new visual technology with digital preciseness.


 "Traditional tuning

with digital precision."