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Recent Tunings, 2019-2020:

Jenks Public Schools

Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian

Tulsa, OK

Metro Christian High School

Tulsa, OK

Pryor Public Schools

Pryor, OK

Union Public Schools

Tulsa, OK

First Baptist Church

Owasso, OK  Broken Arrow, OK  Coweta, OK  Collinsville, OK  Claremore, OK

Olivet Baptist Church


Tulsa Symphony, Rehearsal Hall

Tulsa, OK

First United Methodist Church
Owasso, OK

Owasso Baptist Village

Owasso, OK

Owasso Baptist Village

Owasso, OK

Faith Lutheran Church

Owasso, OK

Plus numerous residential tunings in the Tulsa Metro area including Owasso, Skiatook, Claremore, Pryor, Oolagah, Broken Arrow, Collinsville, Chouteau


Tuning Reminder: As the tide in a harbor flows in and out raising and lowering all the boats within, so does the summer time humidity of Oklahoma effect the raising of the string's pitches by swelling the wood frame of your pianos, stretching ever-so-slightly. Recent tunings have all shown the pianos were siginificantly sharp in pitch as a whole. As you turn on your heating units this Fall and Winter, that humidity will disipate in the wood structure of your piano and will lower the pitch of the string since the piano frame will decrease in size ever-so-slightly. Two tunings a year will keep your pianos in optimal and usable performance.

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